Advent of Code 2021


December 28, 2021

I … think that was fun? I didn’t finish. The holidays and holiday travel completely thwarted attempts on the 23rd-25th and now I find myself demotivated and intimidated by the final 3 problems. I’m a data scientist. I took 1 semester of computer science so A*, depth-first-search, etc. - if I ever learned about these algorithms and how to write them I forgot it decades ago.

So, problems like the last few days where implementing some sort of search algorithm, that’s just not in my wheelhouse and I doubt I’ll get to them.

I enjoyed some of the problems where the solutions weren’t straightforward algorithm implementation though.

I, of course, made a plotly dash app for Advent of Code leaderboard data though. A* - no thanks. Parsing JSON to make a web app? Sign me up. Upload your own private leaderboard JSON to the live demo site and check it out.