Streamlit or Dash (or Shiny for Python?!)

I virtually attended part of the Rstudio conference, more specifically I watched a few streams and also participated a bit on their neat conference Discord server. While I am almost exclusively a python user these days, I started with R. I took my first baby steps towards becoming a data scientist in R using swirl and used R for my Data Incubator application questions. My final project there involved a Shiny application, and the first version of my covid dashboard was in Shiny.

Wordle is Fun (for programmers and data scientists)

So, yes obviously wordle is a fun game to play, but I refer actually to the multitude of interesting programming and analytical efforts that have come out of the game. Many of these were written up at News Stack back in January, but I thought I’d sum up other (and my own) efforts here a little bit, starting with the efforts I think are least common. Solvers / bots Determining the most popular Wordle openers based on tweeted / shared scores.

Advent of Code 2021

I … think that was fun? I didn’t finish. The holidays and holiday travel completely thwarted attempts on the 23rd-25th and now I find myself demotivated and intimidated by the final 3 problems. I’m a data scientist. I took 1 semester of computer science so A*, depth-first-search, etc. - if I ever learned about these algorithms and how to write them I forgot it decades ago. So, problems like the last few days where implementing some sort of search algorithm, that’s just not in my wheelhouse and I doubt I’ll get to them.

Deploying Uwsgi to host Dash apps

When I set up this site, I wanted to host web apps, not just static pages, and my initial goal was a Shiny Server. While somewhat challenging, the good news was that once it is working, just dropping a new directory into /srv/shiny-server/ and the new app springs to life. I started making dash apps earlier this year. The various .ini files, systemctl services, etc. was considerably more complicated than following the instructions for a shiny server.