Code Repositories and Web Apps

My favorite thing about R is the ability to create Shiny apps and Shiny markdown documents. I originally create this site to run a Shiny Server for apps such as my Shiny Covid Tracker. Since I work in Python daily, I now create a lot of Plotly Dash apps in Python. With the advent of Shiny for Python, the Shiny Server is running once again, serving up a few Shiny Python apps.

Virginia Recorded Vote is my biggest Dash project, a multipage Dash app that tracks and analyzes the bills and votes of the Virginia General Assembly. I use some Natural Language Processing tools for bill search, bill similarity, and topic modeling for visualizations.

How do I host all these apps on one server? I can’t call it easy, but I wrote up my approach to host Dash apps with uwsgi and nginx here. I host on Digital Ocean (Referral link) droplet.

Projects List:

Recorded Vote

Emoji Finder

QR Code Generator

Mastodon App Share

Mastodon Reader

Accidental Tech Podcast Transcript Search

Advent of Code Leaderboard

GPX to CSV (and Pandas)

Search Transcripts

Shiny Tables


Scratch Off Odds (Virginia)

Jackpot for Xbar/Swiftbar

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